Which U.S. State Birthdays Are Celebrated Each Month?

When was your state admitted to the Union?

Which states celebrate their admission to the Union each month? Here is a month-by-month account, plus links to view the flags of each state!

U.S. State Birthdays in January

Georgia, January 2
Alaska, January 3
Utah, January 4
New Mexico, January 6
Connecticut, January 9
Michigan, January 26
Kansas, January 29

U.S. State Birthdays in February

Massachusetts, February 6
Oregon, February 14
Arizona, February 14

U.S. State Birthdays in March

Ohio, March 1
Nebraska, March 1
Florida, March 3
Vermont, March 4
Maine, March 15

U.S. State Birthdays in April

Maryland, April 28
Louisiana, April 30

U.S. State Birthdays in May

Minnesota, May 11
South Carolina, May 23
Rhode Island, May 29
Wisconsin, May 29

U.S. State Birthdays in June

Kentucky, June 1
Tennessee, June 1
Arkansas, June 15
West Virginia, June 20
New Hampshire, June 21
Virginia, June 25

U.S. State Birthdays in July

Idaho, July 3
Wyoming, July 10
New York, July 26

U.S. State Birthdays in August

Colorado, August 1
Missouri, August 10
Hawaii, August 21

U.S. State Birthdays in September

California, September 9

U.S. State Birthdays in October

Nevada, October 31

U.S. State Birthdays in November

North Dakota, November 2
South Dakota, November 2
Montana, November 8
Washington, November 11
Oklahoma, November 16
North Carolina, November 21

U.S. State Birthdays in December

Illinois, December 3
Delaware, December 7
Mississippi, December 10
Indiana, December 11
Pennsylvania, December 12
Alabama, December 14
New Jersey, December 18
Iowa, December 28
Texas, December 29

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