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Florida State Flag

100% American-made Florida State flags

On March 3, 1845 Florida became the 27th US State, more than twenty years after being admitted as a US territory.

Florida is known as the sunshine state, due to its warm and prominently dry climate. It is also the leading producer of grapefruit and citrus in the US. Since the 20th century, Florida has become a vacation and tourism destination and is home to Walt Disney World Resort, the largest and most visited resort in the world. Disney World spans across over 30,500 acres, which is roughly the size of San Francisco, California.

The State Flag of Florida depicts the Florida State shield centered in a red saltire over a white color field. The flag is obviously representative of the Spanish influence that state has carried over the centuries. After undergoing several different variations throughout Florida’s time as a territory, Florida began flying their official state flag in 1900. This flag design remained until 1985, where the same initial elements remain in the flag, yet there is much more detail in the latter iteration. The state seal represents the land of sunshine, flowers, rivers, and lakes.