About us - the LIBERTY FLAGS story

He came to America and when he was grown, began his flag store and dream, LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®


LIBERTY FLAGS, INC., The American Wave® is dedicated to the attitudes and values that have earned the trust of customers all over the nation.

We believe in the importance of quality products and legendary service. As such, everything we sell online or in our catalog originates in our Tulsa-based retail showroom, never a third party vendor.

Our founder, Art Zakharian, always appreciated two things: education and freedom. He told his own children, “Reading is power,” when encouraging their educational pursuits. He also displayed a tremendous love for America. Love and education inspired his own M.O., “Don’t complain, do it better.”

Dad believed that an individual should always be a part of any problem’s solution, but never a part of its problem, learning from his background to be grateful for everything in his life.

As a young Armenian refugee, my father, Art Zakharian, was encouraged by American G.I.s to move to the United States and explore the opportunities . . . especially in the Midwest, where he eventually landed.

Made in the U.S.A.

Throughout the '70s, Art and family moved many times as his career grew. Though he never had to replace his first American flag (received at his naturalization ceremony), the flag the family flew to honor American holidays was lost in the move to Tulsa.

In searching, Art could not find a single American-made American flag with which to replace it. This event sparked his decision to create LIBERTY FLAGS, and that every American flag he sold would be American-made.

This credo still holds true: every American flag sold by LIBERTY FLAGS will, now and forever, be made in the USA. Children who visit the LIBERTY FLAGS showroom are treated, in the manner of Art Zakharian, with a gift of a small American flag to take home and taught the importance of the flag, to treat it with respect and not drop it or poke anyone with it.

Most importantly they learn that each American flag should be handled with special care because it doesn’t just belong to the individual who carries it, but to all the people of America.


At LIBERTY FLAGS, we don’t simply sell flags — we educate our customers.

Shopping here is not like shopping in other flag stores. Every member of our family sees and touches each item in our inventory and knows exactly how it works, what it is made of, and how well it can be expected to perform.

Customers readily find a listening ear and a helpful resource for viable options. Whether customers visit our showroom, this website (LIBERTYFLAGS.com), or purchase items from our catalog, our mission is to make buying an American flag a simple, positive and hassle-free experience — which is why we’ve dedicated ourselves to streamlining the process and being present for our customers.

Now, though it takes the whole family working together, technology enables us to keep pace with the day-to-day tasks that were, at one time, handled by Art Zakharian himself. This same technology makes it easier to take care of our customers.

We now offer our complete line of products at LIBERTYFLAGS.com, and flag alerts to customers who join our email list (subscribe below).

LIBERTY FLAGS’ adherence to these principles is why we have earned the trust of customers all over the United States. We continue to grow because we believe in the importance of quality products and legendary service.

Like Dad always said, "Every customer and every order is uniquely valuable."

It is also why we add The American Wave® to our name. Please look for The American Wave® wherever you see the LIBERTY FLAGS brand. It’s your assurance of the highest quality American-made products and ethical business practices.


Sadly, Art Zakharian is no longer alive to share the amazing growth that LIBERTY FLAGS has seen, or meet and shake hands with all of our new customers. Still, every aspect and element of our operations is a direct reflection of his dream and of his values.

They’re in everything we do, and that’s why our logo bears a star — to remind us of Dad. Thanks for reading, and thanks for making a part of your story a part of our story.

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