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Georgia State Flag

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Although it was the last of the original 13 colonies, on January 2, 1788, Georgia ratified the United States Constitution to become the fourth United State of America. 

According to the 2000 census, Georgia is the 10th most populous state, with a population of 8,186,453. Georgia is also the largest state east of the Mississippi River and the 24th largest in the US.

Although "the peach state" has greatly diversified over the years, Georgia’s economy is still strongly rooted in agriculture. It is the top producer of pecans in the world and within the top-five producers of blueberries in the United States. Other agricultural outputs include peaches, of course, but also cotton, poultry and eggs, timber, peanuts, rye, and vegetables, among others. 

The Georgia State Flag has seen seven different official designs since 1879. In 2003, Governor Sonny Perdue authorized the Georgia legislature to draft the current flag. The proposed flag was inspired by the Confederate First National flag, as opposed to the confederate battle flag, and combined elements of Georgia's previous flag designs. The Georgia State Flag is composed of three horizontal stripes of red-white-red and a blue canton in the upper-left corner. Inside the blue canton is a ring of thirteen white stars surrounding the Georgia State Coat of Arms in gold.