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Utah State Flag

100% American-made Utah State Flags

Almost 50 years after becoming a U.S. Territory, Utah became the forty-fifth state of the Union on January 4, 1886.

Today, Utah is the thirty-first most populous and thirteenth largest by area, but while it was still a territory, it was much larger than it is now. The local leaders wanted to name the state Deseret, and at the time the territory consisted of modern-day Utah, most of Arizona and Nevada, and parts of California, New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Oregon.

The Utah State Flag has gone through three iterations, with the most recent flag adopted in February 2011. The original state flag, which was created by the Daughters of the American Revolution of Utah in 1903 displayed the Utah state seal in a white outline on a blue background.

In 1912, after the commission of the USS Utah, a custom copy of the flag was ordered to be presented to the battleship. When the flag was delivered, it was noticed that the manufacturer had taken the liberty to print the seal in full-color and add a gold ring around the seal. The changes were accepted, and the new flag became official in 1913. 

The current Utah State Flag displays an updated State Seal of Utah on a blue background. The seal features the word “Industry” above a beehive and the dates “1847” and “1896”, which represent the dates when Utah became a territory and a state.