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Kansas State Flag

100% American-made Kansas state flags

Kansas was admitted to the Union on January 29, 1861, making it the 35th of the United States. Situated in the Great Plains region of the United States, Kansas is known for more than being the setting for “The Wizard of Oz”. 

The "sunflower state" is a highly agricultural state with major exports of sheep, cattle, hogs, wheat, soybeans, sorghum, cotton, corn, and salt. Kansas is a major producer of grain and part of the Grain Belt in the central United States. 

The industrial outputs are transportation equipment, commercial and private aircraft, food processing, publishing, chemical products, machinery, apparel, petroleum and mining. Kansas ranks eighth in U.S. petroleum production and eighth in natural gas production, although both oil and natural gas production have seen a steady, natural decline oil over time. 

The Kansas State Flag was designed by Hazel Avery in 1925, although it was not adopted by the Kansas State Legislature until 1927. In 1961, the flag design was modified by adding the word "Kansas" below the seal in gold block lettering. The Kansas State Flag vividly showcases the Kansas State Seal in the center of a dark blue background. The rectangular shape of the flag represents the state of Kansas. Above the State Seal sits a large yellow sunflower atop a light blue and gold bar. Below the seal, “Kansas” is presented in gold block letters.