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Alabama State Flag

100% American-made Alabama State Flags

Alabama became the 22nd of Our Great United States on December 14, 1819. 

The twentieth century brought prosperity to Alabama, as the New Deal farm programs raised cotton prices and the state developed service and manufacturing. In the 1930s, improved machinery reduced the need for farm labor. Today, Alabama’s economy revolves around the automotive, financial, manufacturing, and education fields, among others. 

Alabama has actually had two State Flags in Alabama state history. The first Alabama State Flag was made by several ladies in Montgomery, with final touches added by Francis Corra. Designated on January 11, 1861 as the official State Flag of Alabama, the flag was flown until February 10 of the same year, when due to severe weather damage, it was taken down and moved to the Governor’s office. 

The current Alabama State flag, which contains the red cross of St. Andrew, also known as a saltire, was adopted by the state legislature on February 16, 1895.