Americans on St. Patrick's Day — Your Business Needs to Know!

Your Pot of Gold

Americans celebrate St. Patrick's Day with growing fervor every year. Since 2005, Americans have spent an average of 3.6 billion dollars per year on St. Patrick's day purchases — by 2018 that number had climbed to 5.9 billion dollars and is predicted to be maintained through 2020. How can your business take its share of the direct and indirect benefits?

Critical St. Patrick's Day Information

According to the National Retail Federation, Americans of every age and demographic spend, on average, $40 per person on St. Patrick's Day. More than 80% of United States citizens will spend some portion of that money on wearing green. Those same people will spend the remainder on going out for food or drinks and on decorating their home or workplace. "80% of Americans" is an enormous amount of people. No wonder the financial outlay is almost six billion dollars nationwide.

How Can Your Business Take a Piece of the St. Paddy's Day Pie?

Studies suggest that businesses who run a promotion for St. Patrick's Day benefit from the temporary deviation from normal customer interactions. Letting the Luck o' the Irish put a smile on an employee's or customer's face has been proven to boost morale and to drive sales.

Simple decorations (like flags, shamrocks or pots of gold) quickly align your business with the positivity of the St. Patrick's Day spirit. Contests for employees or customers are a quick way to find out who's got the favor of the leprechauns!

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