Flagpole Checkup!

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Winter is in full swing, so now is the perfect time to inspect your flagpole for any damage or wear-and-tear caused by winter weather. Wind and ice can be severely limit the functionality of your flagpole and permanently damage outdoor (all-weather) flags, so it's important to at least take a quick look at each of the parts, especially after icy conditions or a winter storm. 

Freezing ice can damage an American flag in a matter of hours. If freezing rain is approaching, consider bringing your flag inside until conditions improve – this will help prevent premature damage to flags and flagpoles.

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Keep in mind that this is an interim checkup list intended to ensure that your basic flagpole needs are addressed. For an exhaustive and detailed list, head on over to our Flagpole Parts List to end all parts lists!

External Halyard Flagpoles

For external halyard flagpoles, such as the Ambassador commercial flagpole, the Skyscape commercial flagpole, or the Pioneer residential flagpole, you will want to at least check that your snap hooks are secure and snap covers are in good shape. Also check that the halyard rope is strong and secure and that the truck and ball/finial are in proper working condition.

Internal Halyard Flagpoles

For an internal halyard flagpole, such as the Embassy commercial flagpole, the Empire commercial flagpole, or the Landmark residential flagpole, check the items listed above. Also, check the condition of the retainer rings and counterweight.

Flagpole Anatomy Videos

If you’re looking for specific information about your flagpole, the following videos describe in detail the parts from the four outdoor flagpoles offered by LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®. If you are looking to purchase a new Commercial Flagpole, we’re happy to help with that too!

Empire Flagpole – Internal Halyard Type


Embassy Flagpole — Internal Halyard Type


Skyscape Flagpole — External Halyard Type


Ambassador Flagpole — External Halyard Type

Photo Call!

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