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New Mexico State Flag

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On January 6, 1912, New Mexico was admitted as the 47th state of the Union. 

With a population of around two million people, New Mexico is the fifth largest and the fifth least-populated state in the country. New Mexico shares the four-corners region with Utah, Colorado, and Arizona, and due to its geographical location, enjoys two distinct climates and ecosystems. Southern and Western New Mexico maintain an arid climate, while Eastern and Northern New Mexico exhibit a colder climate. 

New Mexico’s economy revolves around several industries, including oil and natural gas, farming and ranching, retail, and lumber milling. New Mexico ranks fourth in the nation for crude oil, accounting for 3.4% of crude produced in the US in 2006 and eighth in natural gas production, accounting for 10.2% produced 2006.

The New Mexico State Flag was originally designed in 1920, to highlight the historical roots of the Native American Pueblo and Nuevo México Hispano within the state. Officially introduced in 1925, the New Mexico State Flag boldly displays the red sun symbol of the Zia on a bright yellow background. Interestingly, New Mexico’s State flag is one of only four US State Flags that does not use blue anywhere in the flag. California, Alabama, and Maryland are the three other states whose flags do not include blue. According to the North American Vexillological Association in a 2001 survey, the New Mexico State Flag was rated the best-designed flag of any U.S. state, territory, or Canadian province.