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LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Truck - Cap Style

Truck - Cap Style


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Suitable for ground mount external halyard flagpoles (rope on outside of flagpole).

External Halyard Stationary Cap Style Flagpole Trucks

The flagpole truck is a component part at the top of the flagpole and serves 3 purposes

  1. Houses the pulley through which the halyard (rope) passes through to raise and lower the flags
  2. Holds the finial (ornament) at the top of the flagpole
  3. Keeps the weather elements out of the flagpole


  • External halyard truck
  • Cast aluminum
  • 2 finishes: silver and bronze
  • 3 sizes: 2" ID fits 2" OD pole, 2-3/8" ID fits 2-3/8" OD pole, 3" ID fits 3" OD pole
  • Slip fit with 3 stainless steel set screws
  • Single sheave with nylon pulley wheel supplied with 2" truck
  • Single shave with aluminum pulley wheel supplied with 2-3/8" and 3" truck
  • Tapped to receive ornament on 1/2" diameter rod with 1/2"-13NC thread
  • Halyard limit: 5/16"

This is a component part only and therefore the design and engineering of the application are the responsibility of the customer.

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