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LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Retainer Rings

Retainer Rings


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Suitable for outdoor use.

Retainer Rings

The Retainer Ring is part of an internal halyard flagpole rigging responsible for keeping the flag next to the flagpole. The part must be replaced periodically due to constant friction with the flagpole. Retainer rings are made using stainless steel cable with 1" diameter nylon balls. Ends are secured with stainless steel yoke sand copper crimps. A stainless steel connecting link is included.

  • 5" - 30" length; for 5" bottom diameter flagpole
  • 6" - 34" length; for 6" bottom diameter flagpole
  • 7" - 38" length; for 7" bottom diameter flagpole
  • 8" - 42" length; for 8" bottom diameter flagpole
  • 10" - 50" length; for 10" bottom diameter flagpole
  • 12" - 58" length; for 12" bottom diameter flagpole

Helpful Facts

  • Constant friction with the flagpole during display will cause the nylon balls on a retainer ring to wear flat and break causing the bare stainless steel cable to wear on the flagpole. Check this part routinely and replace when necessary.
  • Flag sizes up to 8'x12' require one retainer ring
  • Size 10'x15' & 12'x18' - 2 retainer rings recommended
  • Size 15'x25' - 20'x38' - 4 retainer rings recommended

This is a component part only and therefore the design and engineering of the application are the responsibility of the customer.

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