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LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

North Dakota Nylon Outdoor Flags

North Dakota Nylon Outdoor Flags


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Suitable for outdoor display.

North Dakota Nylon Outdoor Flags

North Dakota Legislative Assembly adopted the North Dakota flag design on March 3, 1911 – 22 years after being admitted to the Union (November 2, 1889). The official design depicts an eagle holding an olive branch and arrow bundle in its talons. The eagle holds a red scroll ribbon with the words “E PLURIBUS UNUM” meaning “out of many, one” in its beak. Above are 13 5-pointed stars and a sunburst. Below the eagle is a scrolled ribbon with the words NORTH DAKOTA.

Premium Quality North Dakota Nylon Outdoor Flags

  • Flies in a light breeze and well performing in high winds
  • Strong polyester heading contains two genuine brass grommets installed in hoist-end corners
  • Twin needle lock-stitched upper and lower fly length edges create two parallel rows of stitching for enhanced strength
  • Fly end hem is secured by four rows lock-stitching - each row end is back-stitched to secure threads
  • Direct dye digital printing creates the authentic flag design from front to back in single flag fabric layer
  • Crafted with vivid colors using UV resistant color-fast dyes
  • Made in America – ALWAYS – with 100% American-made materials

Strong yet light-weight, versatile & fade resistant, Liberty Flags’ Nylon North Dakota flag is made from our best-selling 200-denier nylon fabric.

Made in America

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