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LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Nevada Polyester Outdoor Flags

Nevada Polyester Outdoor Flags


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Suitable for outdoor display.

Nevada Polyester Outdoor Flags

Nevada’s flag design originated from a 1926 contest won by Louis Shellback III. A description error occurred in the approved March 26, 1929 bill that went unnoticed until 1991. Nebraska legislature adopted the corrected design on July 25, 1991 – 127 years after Nebraska statehood (October 31, 1864). The design portrays a large silver star with state name NEBRASKA below, two crossed sage branches with the words BATTLE BORN in a yellow ribbon above the star.

Premium Quality Nevada Polyester Outdoor Flags

  • Exceptional quality, strength and durability for high winds
  • Two genuine brass grommets installed through polyester heading in hoist-end corners
  • Top and bottom fly length edges are turned back twice and secured with double needle lock-stitched hem
  • End hem is turned back twice and secured with four rows lock-stitching and back-stitched corners to fortify strength
  • Accurate state design created by direct dye using digital textile printing achieving penetration to back side
  • Crafted with vivid colors using UV resistant color-fast dyes
  • ALWAYS made in America from 100% American-made materials

Known for strength and durability, Liberty Flags’ Polyester Nevada flag is made with double ply polyester fabric weighing about 30% more than the standard nylon flag bunting.  The unique fabric weave allows some wind to pass through the fabric as the flag flies in the wind making it the best performing flag for high wind and extreme weather conditions.

Made in America

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