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Lions and Castles Small Historic Flags

Lions and Castles Small Historic Flags


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Suitable for indoor, desk, tabletop, centerpiece or historic display.

Lions and Castles "Royal Standard of Spain" Small Historic Flags

Premium quality hemmed polyester fabric Lions and Castles flags securely stapled to a black dowel staff topped with gilt spear ornament and supplied with black display base.

  • Popular complements for geography lessons and centerpieces
  • 4"x6" flag on 10"x3/16" black plastic dowel staff with gilt spear
  • Authentic designs
  • Hemmed fine-grade polyester flag
  • Brilliant color
  • 2-1/2" diameter 1-hole black plastic base

    Made in America

    Flag History

    "The Lions and Castles flag is representative of the marriage of Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain during the 15th century. It is also known as the Flag of Castile and León — Ferdinand of León, and Isabella of Castile. . ." To read more from The Lions and Castles flag, click here!


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