Heavy Duty Flag Arrangement - for Internal Cable Based Flagpole

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Suitable for outdoor use.

Flag Arrangement - Heavy Duty

A Flag Arrangement is part of a cable based internal halyard flagpole rigging required to display a flag. The part must be correctly sized to the flag being displayed. The heavy duty arrangement is appropriate for flags size 8'x12' and larger. The arrangement includes: stainless steel cable with stainless steel yokes and copper crimps equipped with (1) stainless steel swivel, (1) shock spring with safety cable, (3) stainless steel connecting links and (2) stainless steel swivel snaps.

  • 8' for 8'x12' flag
  • 10' for 10'x15' or 10'x19' flag
  • 12' for 12'x18' flag
  • 15' for 15'x25' flag
  • 20' for 20'x30' or 20'x38' flag
  • 30' for 30'x50' or 30'x60' flag
Helpful Facts
  • Flag arrangement must be correctly sized to the flag being displayed.
  • For multiple flag display 2 flagarrangements may be joined by a quick link
  • Check this part routinely for fraying cable and replace when necessary
This is a component part only and therefore the design and engineering of the application are the responsibility of the customer.


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