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LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Flagpole Halyard - Precut Lengths

Flagpole Halyard - Precut Lengths


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Suitable for outdoor use.

Flagpole Halyard - Precut Lengths

Halyard is rope for hoisting and display of a flag fastened with flag snaps on a ground set flagpole. Solid braid polyester halyard precut lengths are available in 3 diameters.

  • Solid braid polyester
  • High Strength
  • Good Elasticity
  • Mildew and rot resistant
  • Abrasion resistant (not immune to sharp edges, burrs or rough surfaces)

Over time polyester and other synthetic ropes weakens for a variety of reasons including overload (caused by sudden strain such as high wind gusts), ultra violet ray exposure, extreme heat and abrasion.

How often should you replace flagpole halyard? Each time a flag is replaced check the halyard for signs of wear. When obvious signs of halyard wear are present, new rope can be pulled through with worn rope thus avoiding a costly service call.

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