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LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Estate Lawn Flagpole - ground mount

Estate Lawn Flagpole - ground mount


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Suitable for short-term, temporary display.

Estate Lawn Flagpole - ground mount

At 8' long the Estate Lawn Flagpole displays any flag up to size 2'x3'. Easily set the lawnsocket by placing a block of wood over the socket and strike with a hammer or mallet to secure in the ground. Flagpole slips into socket. When finished simply remove the pole & socket and store until your next display date.

  • 2-piece 8' length x 1" diameter aluminum flagpole
  • Gold finish acorn ornament
  • 2 flag fasteners
  • Lawn socket: 10" length x 1" inner diameterfabricated aluminum

Estate Lawn Flagpoles are suitable for short-term, temporary displays and are not wind-rated.

For long term or commercial applications, please order from our commercial line.

A warranty for residential house-mount flags, house-mount poles, portable ground-mount poles, or brackets is not offered due to a wide variety of applications for display and unpredictable weather conditions.
Be prepared to bring house-mounted poles, portable poles, and flags inside before storms approach. High winds and gusts of 20 mph and higher can cause damage.

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