American - Stick Flags - Grave Marking

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American Stick Flags for Grave Marking

Suitable for short-term outdoor use.

  • Traditional choice for short-term use: parades, patriotic events, decorating veterans' graves
  • Choose sizes 8 x 12 or 12 x 18 for grave marking
  • Sturdy 70 poly/30 cotton no-fray fabric
  • Hemmed option on larger sizes for maximum durability
  • Securely stapled onto wood dowel staff with gilt spear tip
  • 8"x12" flag on 24"x3/16" staff - no-fray finish only
  • 12"x18" on 30"x5/16" staff - no-fray finish 
  • 12"x18" on 30"x3/8" staff - hemmed finish only

Made in America

Always 100% American-made American Flags, from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®