Adjustable Bracket

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Suitable for outdoor or indoor residential display

Adjustable Bracket

With 13 different positions the adjustable cast aluminum bracket provides quick and easy adjustment to set your flagpole at just the angle you need. Use to display your flag and flagpole at home or indoors for single or group flag display in a lobby, hallway, atrium or other setting for the desired effect.

This item is not suitable for commercial applications. 

Not suitable for use in high wind conditions.

  • Cast aluminum
  • Holds 1" dia. flagpole
  • Adjusts to 13 different positions
  • Silver or white painted aluminum
  • Thumb screw to secure pole
  • 4 screw holes for mounting
  • 4 wood screws and plastic anchors

Adjustable aluminum brackets are supplied with wood screws and plastic anchors. Always choose screws which are suitable for the relevant application. Before installing the bracket, test to confirm nothing is in the way or will be affected by the display.

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