What is the best flag fabric?

What is the best flag fabric for the American Flag or other flags?

United States flag manufacturing companies produce the American flag from one of three fabrics: cotton, nylon, or polyester.

Cotton fabric is a traditional natural fiber which offers classic appearance but is more likely to fade, stain, shrink, and loose shape when displayed outside. Polyester and nylon fabrics are more suitable for outdoor display.

Nylon is the most popular and economical flag fabric. Genuine SunTru™ nylon flags are made from versatile 200-denier weight nylon. Excellent quality, superior ultraviolet resistance and good value make SunTru™ nylon the most popular fabric choice among commercial and residential customers. 

Polyester is our heavier material and will outlast nylon flags before fraying on the fly end. Our Rugged WaveCrest™ polyester is the longest lasting flag fabric available and is preferred for display in strong wind and unpredictable weather conditions. Though not as fade resistant as nylon, our Rugged WaveCrest™ polyester fabric is preferred for 24-hour display and large-size flag display.

LIBERTY FLAGS stocks all 3 fabrics so we can meet your needs. If you have questions about your situation, please call us. We are always happy to assist you.

In summary, polyester and nylon fabrics are more suitable for outdoor display than cotton flags. And polyester fabric is preferred choice for 24 hour display and large size flags.