Utah Nylon Outdoor Flags

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Suitable for outdoor display.

Utah Nylon Outdoor Flags

Utah’s current state flag was adopted by state legislature on April 3, 1896 – 3 months following statehood (January 4, 1896), with modifications and corrections leading to a legislative Concurrent Resolution on February 16, 2011. The center design features the central portion of the Great Seal of the State of Utah defined by a yellow border atop a field of blue.

Coming Soon... the new Utah State Flag!

Effective in March of 2024, the current Utah state flag will be referred to as the Historic Utah state flag and make way for the new "beehive" design that will become the new Utah state flag! (As soon as these become available for purchase, we will list them among our products in the Utah collection)

The new design is the result of thorough efforts to modernize the flag of Utah. The design features are a dark blue sky, a beehive to symbolize Utah's work ethic, a hexagon to represent strength and unity, white for the snow-capped mountains and the indigenous peoples of Utah, red for the rock canyons, and a star to celebrate Utah's admission as a state to the Union. Preview the flag on the official Utah flag development news site here.

Premium Quality Utah Nylon Outdoor Flags

  • Performs well in high winds and flutters in gentle wind
  • Upper and lower polyester hoist-end heading corners contain a genuine brass grommet
  • Twin needle lock-stitched upper and lower fly length edges create two parallel rows of stitching for enhanced strength
  • End hem is turned back twice and secured with four rows lock-stitching and back-stitched corners to fortify strength
  • Direct dye digital printing creates the authentic flag design from front to back in single flag fabric layer
  • Manufactured with bright and color-fast fade-resistant dyes
  • Made in America – ALWAYS – with 100% American-made materials

Strong yet light-weight, versatile & fade resistant, Liberty Flags’ Nylon Utah flag is made from our best-selling 200-denier nylon fabric.

Made in America

Always 100% American-made American Flags, from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®