Finding the Correct Secondary Flag Size

Flying a second flag on your flagpole? Here are some common flagpole heights and appropriate flag sizes for secondary flags. Read about why below...

  • 20’ flagpole = 3’x5’ primary flag, 2'x3' secondary flag
  • 25’ flagpole = 4’x6’ primary flag, 3’x5’ secondary flag
  • 30’-35’ flagpole = 5’x8’ primary flag, 4’x6’ secondary flag
  • 40’-45’ flagpole = 6’x10’ primary flag, 5’x8’ secondary flag
  • 50’-55’ flagpole = 8’x12’ primary flag, 6’x10’ secondary flag
  • Above 60’ flagpole = Consult the manufacturer's recommendation

“Correct size second flag for your flagpole, from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Can I Fly Two Flags From the Same Flagpole?


Flying two flags on the same flagpole is no problem. In fact, flying two flags on an Outdoor Flagpole is a fairly common practice. The primary flag (top flag) size stays the same. The secondary flag (lower flag) will be equal to or one size smaller than the primary flag. We recommend following the suggestion to go one size smaller.

The primary flag should always be whichever flag is first in order of precedence. For example, an American flag should always be the larger primary flag flown above a U.S. State flag, which should be a smaller-sized secondary flag.

If you purchased your flagpole from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® it was delivered with an appropriately sized primary flag. The size of that flag will be your reference to selecting the correctly sized secondary flag for your flagpole.

How Do You Add a Second Flag to a Flagpole?

Adding a second flag will generally be a matter of repeating the process you followed to attach the first one. The real question is how much space to allow between the two flags, which is mostly a question of aesthetics and relative size...

If your flags are smaller in size, you might allow 4 to 6 inches of space between them. If your flags are larger, though, consider consulting the flagpole manufacturer for recommendations of size and spacing. If you purchased your flagpole from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®, we can help as well.

Of course, for Ambassador, Embassy, Skyscape, Landmark, and Pioneer flagpole models, a second flag will require a second set of snap hooks.

Empire flagpoles will require a second set of snap hooks, plus a quick link, a cable swivel, and a correctly-sized flag arrangement.

“Correct size second flag for your flagpole, from LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

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