Flag of the Green Mountain Boys

A militia with no home. . .

The Green Mountain Boys were a militia group formed during the 1760s in the area that is present-day Vermont. Their most famous member, Ethan Allen, was a party to the group’s foundation and led them in their most impactful victories during the American Revolution. The company captured Fort Ticonderoga for the revolutionaries before invading parts of Canada. The Green Mountain Boys disbanded just prior to Vermont’s inception as the 14th U.S. state in 1777.

The flag of the Green Mountain Boys is now used as the regimental banner of the Vermont National Guard unit. By design, it is a green banner with a blue canton in the upper left corner. Thirteen five-pointed stars, representing the original thirteen colonies, are situated within the canton in a “natural” pattern.

The Green Mountain Boys are among the more famous regiments from the American Revolution era, producing heroes like Ethan Allen, Seth Waner, and Thomas Rowley. You can order your replica of the Green Mountain Boys banner here!

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