3 Thoughts on Your Quarterly Snap Check

Flag Snap Hooks: The Small Details Matter.

Anytime the weather is very active, it can tend to kick up high winds and become unpredictable. This means that for people who are flying their American flags outdoors, checking the condition of snap hooks is imperative as we move through the seasons. Here is everything you need to know about inspecting and replacing this small, but integral, flag accessory.

Look for Signs of Damage.

We recommend that you inspect the wear on your snap hooks at least as often as every 90 days. They are the most vulnerable of all flag accessories, and their breakage can result in damages that cost far more than simply replacing them according to a schedule. It is our recommendation that you take any sign of damage seriously. 

The image below shows the gradual wear of brass snap hooks (click the image to compare and shop new brass snap hooks).

Wear of brass flag snap hooks

How to Replace the Flag Snap [video].

Replacing the flag snap is a bit of a mind bender the first couple of times, so we’ve made the video you see below as a guide. Even those who have changed their snap hooks several times might need to be reminded of a minor detail or two, so we recommend you watch it if you have any doubts. There is a reason it is our most-watched video!

Of course, changing your snap hooks begins with selecting the snap hooks that are right for you and your flag. Here is a handy guide to selecting the correct snap hooks for your flagpole.

Keep Spare Accessories on Hand.

Lastly, we always recommend that a spare set of snap hooks is kept close at hand. Even if you change yours on a regular basis, unexpected events do happen, and no one wants to have to stop flying their flag or suffer damage to the flag or pole because they do not have the necessary tools handy for a quick change.

Which Snaps Are Right For Me?

Brass swivel snaps come in a wide array of sizes and are appropriate for flags as small as 3' x 5' to as large as 8'x12'. Stainless steel swivel snaps are appropriate for flags that are larger than 8'x12'.

Photo Call!

Send us your pictures of your American patriotic decor, American flags, flagpoles, ropes, or other accessories! We would be honored to feature your photography in our blog or on Facebook. Remember, photos of damaged flags and accessories are valuable, too.

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