The Trick to Selecting Flag Snap Hooks

Flag snap hook options

Flag Snap Hooks: Selection Made Easy. . .

At Liberty Flags, the most common questions we receive are about flag snap hooks. This is no surprise, as checking snap hooks for wear and tear is one of the most frequent routine flagpole maintenance items, requiring attention about every three months.

Choosing Snap Hooks That Are Right for You. . .

Snap hooks are chosen for a variety of reasons, but here are some guidelines to remember.

First, snap hooks are offered in three varieties; nylon, brass, and stainless steel.

Nylon snap hooks can be a good choice for residential flag flyers. In residential areas, noise is often a consideration, and nylon snap hooks create less noise against the flagpole than other snaps.

Flagpoles in commercial areas might be more apt to use brass snap hooks or stainless steel snap hooks. When using brass or stainless steel snap hooks, it is important to match the metal in the snap hook to the metal in the grommet (metal ring) of the flag itself. If not, the steel in one will wear away the brass in the other.

In the video below, you will see how to determine which snap hooks are a good fit for your flag flying situation, as well as how to attach them.

Is There Protection for Snap Hooks?

Snap hook covers are a great way to reduce the noise generated by snap hooks coming into contact with their flagpoles. In some cases, snap hook covers can prolong the life of the snap hooks and can help to protect flagpoles with anodized finishes.

You can find information for all of your flags and flag accessories in the rest of our video collection.

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