5 Residential Flagpole Planning Considerations

Residential Flagpoles – 5 Things to Consider

Planning for a residential flagpole can be a daunting task to the unsuspecting buyer. However, a home owner who is equipped with a few basic principles will be well on their way to success.

Here are five things to consider when you purchase your residential flagpole.

Have an idea of your budget before you start looking for your flagpole. Ground set flagpoles can range in price from $170 to over $10,000.

Ground set flagpoles can be anywhere from 15 feet to 80 feet tall, but the most popular height for residential display is 20 feet. 

If the flagpole is intended to be a landmark or a point of interest, your flagpole should be 30 feet or taller.

The last thing a new flag owner wants to see is a broken flagpole, so inquire about wind rating of any flagpole you consider. Then compare that to the windspeed rating in your area, and purchase a flagpole that is appropriately rated.

Liberty Flags offers residential flagpoles, which are light-duty flagpoles, and several commercial flagpoles that are windspeed rated and are viable residential options.

If you wish to display a United States burial flag (as provided by the Veteran’s Administration) to honor the memory of a loved one, a commercial strength flagpole 30’ tall is recommended. This is because a burial flag is 5'x9-1/2', and the length of a flag should be 1/3-1/4 in length the height of the flagpole.

NOTE – A burial flag is intended as a keepsake to be given to the next-of-kin, and all flags deteriorate due to weather. If preserving the original quality of your United States burial flag is important, you may wish to consider interior display in a flag case designed for this specific purpose.

Send your flag flying questions to service@LibertyFlags.com – we would love to help!

Have a great day from your friends at LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

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