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LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

American Flags - Military Grade Casket Size - G-Spec Cotton

American Flags - Military Grade Casket Size - G-Spec Cotton


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American Flags - Military Grade Casket Size - G-Spec

Suitable for outdoor display.

G-Spec: Cotton - the classic choice for interment

  • Constructed to U.S. Government stringent requirements
  • Cotton fabric - dense color, classic traditional appearance

This flag is the classic size and classic fabric for covering caskets.

Following a military funeral, it is folded into the customary triangle and presented to the deceased's closest surviving relative in a beautiful ceremony. 

American Flags for Outdoors: Flags made to official U.S. Government specifications (G-Spec). Own an American Flag precision-made to U.S. Government specifications. Known as "G-Spec", these flags have unique proportions and construction features. A limited selection of these flags is available to the public in our Valley Forge G-Spec line. For more than 60 years, the U.S. Government has specified and used these flags. Each flag is manufactured according to N.S. Code, Title 4 conforming to size proportions of 1 to 1.9 hoist-to-fly ratio.

Cotton G-Spec Flags

  • size 5'x9-1/2'
  • made from 2-ply, mercerized cotton bunting
  • lock-stitched seams
  • threads match material color - special stitching
  • heavy unbleached canvas duck heading
  • #2 solid brass rolled-rim toothed grommets
  • unique size and spacing of the star field
  • stitched reinforced 4-needle fly hem
  • dense color
  • classic, traditional appearance

Made in America 

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