Installation Instructions - USA Banner Flag Set

Statue of Liberty- Liberty Flags

Installing the USA Banner Flag Set is easy.

Your kit from Liberty Flags will include the following items.

  • Die-cast aluminum adjustable bracket with (4) screws for mounting and one set screw.
  • US Flag Banner mounted on non-furl tube, on pole.
  • Ring and snap-hook mounted on pole.
  • Wooden pole with ball ornament.

Here are the installation steps.

  1. Install the flag set in an area where the flag will not touch anything beneath it. Select a location where the flag will not catch or rub on the gutter, home, or landscape.
  2. Mount bracket to porch or side of house with screws supplied.
  3. Attach snap-hook to pre-slit tab, which is sewn inside sleeve of US banner. If you have purchased a complete set the flag is already attached on the pole.
  4. Insert pole into bracket.
  5. Tighten set-screw to secure.


REMEMBER to take the flag down at sunset unless it has proper lighting.