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LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Tulsa and U.S. Desk Flag Sets

Tulsa and U.S. Desk Flag Sets


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Suitable for indoor, desk, tabletop, centerpiece or reception display.

Tulsa and U.S. Desk Flag Set

Premium quality hemmed polyester fabric United States and Tulsa flags each securely stapled to a black dowel staff topped with a gilt spear ornament and 2-hole plastic base

  • 4”x6” flags on 10”x3/16” black plastic dowel staff
  • Hemmed fine grade polyester
  • Brilliant color
  • Display base for two 4”x6” flags: 2-1/2” diameter, glossy black plastic

 Made in America

The officially adopted Tulsa flag design represents the most important events and symbols in Tulsa’ history: blue to represent the Arkansas river, red to honor those who died in the 1921 Tulsa Race Riot, yellow to signify oil discovery in 1901, Native American tribes, a star to signify Tulsa’s bright future and beige for warmth and community.

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