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LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

Washington Cruisers "An Appeal to Heaven" Outdoor Flag

Washington Cruisers "An Appeal to Heaven" Outdoor Flag


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Washington Cruisers Outdoor Nylon Flag

200-denier weight nylon fabric

  • polyester canvas reinforced heading with 2 brass grommets
  • double needle lock-stitched upper and lower fly length hems
  • four needle lock-stitched fly end hem
  • fully dyed design

In 1775, George Washington funded seven ships to sail in the waters around Boston to prevent the British from receiving supplies. Void of English or British symbols, this white flag with a pine tree and the phrase An Appeal to Heaven, flew from early American naval vessels. The Pine Tree, also called the "Tree of Peace" and "Liberty Tree" appears in several early American flags. As a flag of early American history, the Washington Cruisers Appeal to Heaven flag is worthy of the same level of respect as the current United States Flag.

    Made in America

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