Before the Cold Winds Blow

Routine Flagpole Maintenance

The dog days of Summer are behind us and Fall harvest will be here soon. Now is prime time for routine flagpole maintenance...before the cold winds blow.

Different flagpoles have different maintenance needs. Here are some reminders of important items to check.

External Halyard flagpoles

External Halyard flagpoles house the rope on the exterior of the flagpole, where they are secured with a cleat.

It is important to inspect the halyard (rope), snap hooks, and replace as needed.

Examples of External Halyard flagpoles include the Ambassador and Skyscape models.

Internal Halyard - rope-based system flagpoles

Internal Halyard, rope-based system flagpoles house the rope within the pole, secured behind a locking door.

Owners will want to inspect the halyard (rope), snap hooks, retainer ring(s), quick link(s) and counterweight, and replace as needed. 

Internal Halyard - cable-based system flagpoles

Internal Halyard, cable-based system flagpoles house a cable within the flagpole, secured behind a locking door.

For maintenance, inspect the internal cable end, quick link(s)standard flag arrangement(s), heavy duty flag arrangement(s), retainer ring(s) and counterweight, and replace as needed.

Examples of Internal Halyard flagpoles include the Empire and Embassy models.


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