In the News on Independence Day

Original Tulsa World newspaper article.

Liberty Flags shop in Tulsa sells made-in-America Stars and Stripes

By PHIL MULKINS World Action Line Editor on Jul 3, 2013, at 1:49 AM  Updated on 7/03/13 at 3:01 AM

Hope for America remains strong if business at Liberty Flags is any reflection of national pride.

"I can tell, around the Fourth of July, that the people of America have not given up because they're still buying and flying the American flag," said Charlotte Jones, who runs the red, white and blue-decked store at 5634 S. Mingo Road. 

Liberty Flags is one of the nation's top 25 major distributors of "American-made American flags," said Jones, who sells them to customers in her shop, over the Internet and by mail. 

"The most critical thing for everyone to know is that the flags sold here are 100 percent made in America - the thread, the fabric, the dye, the construction labor - everything - done here in America," she said. 

Her business also sells flagpoles and other patriotic items, but the U.S. flag is its most popular piece of merchandise. 

Original Print Headline in the Tulsa World newspaper (July 3, 2013): Flying American-made

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