Preparing American flags for spring weather

Spring — and the American flag — is in the air!

While everyone is encouraged to fly his/her American flags year-round, we know that many people simply prefer to fly theirs only during the warmer months. In fact, some communities have traditions where the American flag is raised to commemorate the arrival of spring. With warmer weather on the horizon, here is a checklist for those who are planning to hoist their American flags in the next couple of weeks.

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Members of the Leap Frogs, the Navy's parachute team, perform during a training demonstration in San Diego.
U.S. Navy photo by James Woods

1. Inspect the flag for damage or wear.

Check your American flag carefully for any damage to the seams or embroidery that may be exacerbated by snapping in the wind or rubbing against the flagpole and accessories. If you find snags or tears, see if they can be repaired. If they can not be repaired, it may be time to retire your existing flag and purchase a new one.

2. Check the flag for dirt and stains.

Before you hoist the flag, now is the time to make sure that your flag is as bright and clean as the day you bought it. Depending on the fabric of your American flag, many blemishes can be effectively removed. If you find that yours is in need of cleaning, here are a few helpful guidelines.

3. Study the condition of your hardware.

Once your flag is ready, it is time to be sure that its hardware will be up to the task. Check flag snap hooks for signs of wear. If they appear to be near the end of their life-cycle, replacing them could prevent damage to your flag. Likewise, the halyard rope should be free of snags or frays. When in doubt, it is wiser to invest in new accessories that will prolong the life of your flag than to risk having damage occur to the flag only to find you must replace the hardware anyway.

4. Hoist the flag and enjoy.

With these quick steps behind you, briskly hoist your flag and enjoy! Then let us know how LIBERTY FLAGS can help your business make the most of flying its American flags.

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