You’ve got spirit, yes you do!

Your school has colors, team uniforms, a mascot, and all the school pride in the world to back it up, but are you showing that school spirit by flying a Custom School Flag in front of your beloved learning institution? From elementary schools to colleges and Universities, proudly displaying a Custom School Flag on and around campus is a simple but powerful way to rev up school spirit for the students and the community.


From the flagpole to the field

Sporting events offer some of the best opportunities to show off your school spirit. Of course, your school’s flag may be hung from the flagpole or displayed on a wall in the gym. A Custom School Flag with your school’s emblem on it can also be carried across the court or field by the drill team or cheer squad. With sizes ranging from 2’x3’ all the way to 12’x18’, how and where you want to wave your flag is completely up to you.

Have a championship to honor?

Students work hard, both academically and athletically. Often, that hard work pays off in competition and students will earn titles and awards. Honor these successes for years to come with a flag that displays the title earned and the year it was achieved. Not only does this provoke a sense of achievement and pride in those students and alumni who earned the award, but it urges current and future students to reach for success and add to that line of flags. Success fuels success, so there is absolutely no shame in taking advantage of bragging rights by lining your field house, auditorium, or stadium with Custom School Flags honoring those accomplishments.

Flags for events

Is your school or university hosting a special event, such as a symposium or academic meet? A custom flag can be made specifically to celebrate and commemorate the event. Since these flags are custom printed, they can be designed with your school’s emblem, the event, date, names of prominent guests, or any other information or graphics related to this special event in your school’s history.

Here to help!

The Liberty Flags family is here to help create the perfect Custom Flag for your school or university. Each order is reviewed to verify the highest quality and customer care.

Contact Customer Service or call 800.322.3524 to get started creating your Custom School Flag today!

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