Silence your flagpole

Protect your ears...and your investment!

Having trouble convincing your neighbors of how beautiful it sounds when your snap hooks clang against your flagpole as your flag billows majestically in the wind? Struggling to enjoy the sound of your flag flapping in the breeze amid the constant clinking of metal on metal?

Welcome to the club! We understand and, thankfully, there is a solution to this problem - the snap hook cover

Snap hook covers reduce noise and help to prolong the life of your snap hooks. Check out this video for everything you need to know about snap hook covers, including a demonstration of how to install them!

How to install flag snap hook covers (and snap hooks)!

You can find information for all of your flags and flag accessories in the rest of our video collection.

Send your flag flying questions to– we would love to help!

Have a great day from your friends at LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®.

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