Residential Flagpoles — Landmark and Pioneer

Residential Flagpoles from LIBERTY FLAGS

Your Very Own American Landmark

LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® Residential Flagpoles are perfectly suited for use at homes and neighborhoods all across the nation. Installation of a flagpole is one of the few upgrades guaranteed to immediately beautify an American neighborhood. One of the best things about a flagpole is that it instantly creates a landmark — a visual starting point where memories can be forged, an easy waypoint to aid in directions, or an endpoint for simply coming home.

How do LIBERTY FLAGS' Residential Flagpoles Rise Above?

Firstly, LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® Residential Flagpoles are made from premium quality materials and are produced in the United States. We make it our business to ensure that we sell only the best quality products made from the best quality materials available on the market.

Next, LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® is among the scarce few who offer wind-rated residential flagpole models. Our Pioneer Residential Flagpole is an external halyard design that offers windspeed ratings up to 130 mph. Our Landmark Residential Flagpole is an internal halyard design that offers windspeed ratings of up to 160 mph. If you need a flagpole that can withstand moderate winds and some inclement weather, your investment is well-placed here.

Lastly, LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® knows we aren't just selling flagpoles and flags like they are any number of mechanical parts or widgets at a traveling bazaar. We believe in doing our very best to ensure that flag and flagpole ownership is a positive, inspiring, patriotic experience, and not a gauntlet or burden. That's why all of our permanent-ground-mount flagpoles are offered with free shipping and are automatically outfitted with a complimentary, appropriately-sized SunTru™ Nylon American flag — yes, the flag is 100% American-made and FMAA certified.

The Beacon Calling You Home

We firmly believe that American flags deserve to be made from best flag fabric available and to be flown from the best flagpoles available. That is why LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® offers only the best, so the American who owns it can fly it proudly.

For more information or to order Residential Flagpoles for your home, neighborhood, or association, visit our product page by clicking the image below. Information about windspeed ratings can also be found from within our applicable product pages.

Residential Flagpoles from LIBERTY FLAGS

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