National POW/MIA Recognition Day

History of Observance of POW/MIA Recognition Day

U.S. Grant in Capitol Rotunda with POW/MIA flag

Each year, the United States sets aside the third Friday in September to honor our prisoners of war and our soldiers who are still missing in action. The day of observance has been named "recognition" day to reflect the unknown whereabouts or status of the Americans it references — those who are captive or unaccounted for as a result of wartime efforts...

Though our support and encouragement for them and for their families is deeply felt, they cannot be memorialized, so we fly the POW/ MIA flag to honor and recognize them as part of a larger, sustained commitment to account for each and every captured or missing American.

In 2019, Friday September 20 is the date of recognition.

This day of recognition was established by Congress in 1998 as part of the Defense Authorization Act. Though many people fly it throughout the year, National POW/MIA Recognition Day is one of six holidays when public law requests that the POW/MIA flag be flown, and the only day of that any flag other than that of the United States will be flown over the U.S. Capitol.

The six days to fly your POW/MIA flag are:

  1. Armed Forces Day - the third Saturday in May
  2. Memorial Day - the last Monday in May
  3. Flag Day - June 14th
  4. Independence Day - July 4th
  5. National POW/MIA Recognition Day - the third Friday in September
  6. Veteran's Day - November 11th

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