Patriotic Fans for Patriotic People

Classic Decor That's Built to Last

House Decorated in Full Patriotic Decor

Wanting to add patriotic decor to your home or business, and ...

  • Want a product that can be cared for, stored, and used for many years?
  • Prefer to avoid the cheap, plastic options?
  • Want to replicate the most popular, classic patriotic American decor?

Introducing LIBERTY FLAGS' Decorative Fans...

LIBERTY FLAGS The American Wave® Patriotic Fans represent the most popular theme in patriotic decor. These generously-sized, fabric fans are available in multiple eye-catching styles. First, decide whether you like stripes only or stars and stripes (stars and stripes offer more sizing options). Then select full fans (half-circle) or half fan pairs (quarter circle).

PRO TIP: It is okay to mix styles (stripes with stars & stripes), however, mixing cotton and nylon fans in a display is not recommended as they do have a visually different appearance due to the fabric characteristics. Nylon has the best UV resistance for outdoor displays.

The fans come pre-pleated so they appear perfectly swagged at all times. A strong canvas heading along the top edge and double stitching on the bottom edge provide durability for a long life. Three grommets in the canvas heading make for routine, damage-free installation on any of our available sizes.

Patriotic fans can be displayed in so many creative places — above doors, on windows, beneath porch overhangs, around pergolas and gazebos, to name a few. Fans and bunting are not strictly for exterior display — many people use them as part of permanent displays or decor inside, too!

Avoid placing the fans in locations where they can snag on anything or flip into any guttering. In general, the fans can be displayed every day of the year but take care to bring them inside during high winds or inclement weather to avoid damage.

What Makes LIBERTY FLAGS' Fans Your Best Option?


LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® Fans are made from premium quality materials and are produced entirely in the United States. The manufacturing of these fans is as good as it gets. The canvas heading and double stitch bottom are features of every fan fabric — cotton, nylon, or polyester blend.

While many fans are available in plastic or cheap fabrics, LIBERTY FLAGS' fans are built from premium quality fabric that resists fading and is longer lasting. On top of that, the superior fabric looks better and delivers a more pleasing noise and visual experience as the decor moves with the breeze..

For more information or to order LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® Patriotic Fans, select a product page below.


Stars and Stripes Patriotic Full Fans
Stars and Stripes Patriotic Full Fans
Stars and Stripes Patriotic Half-Fans, pairs
Stars and Stripes Patriotic Half-Fans, pairs
Stripes Patriotic Full Fans
Stripes Patriotic Full Fans
Stripes Patriotic Half-Fans, pairs
Stripes Patriotic Half-Fans, pairs

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