Make sure your AMERICAN FLAG is really American-made!

Checking labels? Know where your flag is coming from

According to the FMAA (Flag Manufacturers Association of America), some major online flag sellers are tricking buyers into purchasing Chinese-made American Flags.

As seen in The Daily Caller, “Prominent sellers of American flags are peddling U.S. flags that are made in China while misrepresenting and mislabeling their wares, according to laboratory test results and other research.”

Often, these flags are advertised as being made of durable, American-made nylon — however, they are actually constructed of Chinese-made polyester. This, of course, results in a lower quality flag than was advertised, and these flags generally provide a much shorter life-span than those made of genuine, heavy-duty American-made nylon.

These same flag sellers are also failing to properly label their flags with the country of origin or materials used in the flag. This illegal practice misleads customers into buying American Flags that are not actually made in America. 

Made in America, 100% guaranteed

In 1982, Art Zakharian opened LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® based on the principle that American Flags should be made in America. Today, it is our promise and guarantee that every AMERICAN FLAG -- indeed, every flag we sell, period -- is 100% made in America.

LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® is an FMAA Certified Flag Seller, ensuring that every flag is properly sourced and labeled.


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