It's time for class . . . back to school in America!


Summer is winding down, and teachers everywhere are readying their classrooms for the upcoming school year . . . organizing books and class libraries, dusting off motivational posters, and hanging the American Flag above the classroom door, on the wall, or from the whiteboard.

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I pledge allegiance…

In 1892, the Pledge of Allegiance was written by Francis J. Bellamy and published in a magazine titled “Youth’s Companion”. The Pledge was quickly adopted nationally and recited at schools, Congress, and public gatherings.

Although there is no United States law mandating the recital of the Pledge, it is still American tradition in many classrooms for students and faculty to honor the flag with the Pledge of Allegiance every morning.

Note to teachers—
from the desk to the wall, LIBERTY FLAGS has it all

American Classroom Flags are available in different sizes to perfectly fit the needs of the classroom. Each flag comes securely fastened to a sturdy staff, ready to be mounted for display. Mounting bracket options for Classroom Flags include Wall Brackets or Map Rail Brackets, giving you a variety of placement and display choices within your classroom.

Another popular choice for educators who display multiple flags in their classrooms are small flags for the desk. Vivid in color and detail, these little flags pack a big punch in their small package. Many teachers select both a State Flag and an American Flag and display them together in a small companion base.

Displaying your state's flag alongside an American Flag in the classroom is a great way to tie history to regional culture, along with a healthy dose of state and national pride. The small size of these flags makes them perfect to place on a desk, window sill, or podium.

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