Is It Time For a New School Flagpole?

It’s summer break! Classes are dismissed and now is the perfect time to take care of those big, important projects around your school campus, like updating your old, damaged flagpole or installing a brand-new one.

What should you consider when installing a new flagpole?

There are two very important things to consider when installing a new flagpole on your school’s campus: The size of the flag you plan to fly and the average wind speeds in your area.

Flag Size

The size of the flag you fly plays a great consideration when choosing a new flagpole. Depending on the height and size of the pole, commercial outdoor flagpoles are rated to fly different sized flags. Obviously, larger and sturdier poles are built to fly larger flags. Larger poles are also suitable to fly multiple flags together, such as the American Flag with your State’s Flag beneath it. We have a great online reference to help you determine the best size for your flag and Commercial Flagpole.

Wind Speed

Wind speed is an extremely important factor when considering which flag pole to choose. Wind speeds generally vary across the United States and depending on how urban or rural the area may be. Regions that are prone to heavy storms and high winds will require sturdier commercial flagpoles compared to areas that have a more temperate climate. The downloadable wind speed map is a great tool to help you understand the average wind speeds in your area and the flag pole that is best-suited to handle those speeds.

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