How to Purchase a Flag of the United States That Has Flown Over the U.S. Capitol

Capitol Building Flag Program

Where to Purchase an American Flag That Has Flown Over the U.S. Capitol Building?


One of the most popular services offered by United States Senators, in cooperation with the Senate Stationery Room, is the U.S. Flag Program. The Capitol Flag Program began in 1937 and has since offered constituents the opportunity to request American flags that have been flown over the United States Capitol Building. Most requests are in commemoration of special occasions.

To Order Your Capitol-Flown American Flag, Follow These Steps

Approximately six to eight weeks in advance of the date you’d like to have your flag flown... 

  1. You must order the flag from your U.S. Senator. Use the United States Senate online directory to find the website of your U.S. Senator. If your U.S. Senator has been newly elected, you may experience delays in the provision of this service.
  2. From the Senate Directory, navigate to your senator’s website, and find the link to constituent services (this comes under a variety of service-oriented headings).
  3. On the services page, find and click on the “Flag Requests” option.
  4. Follow the specific ordering instructions indicated by your senator.
  5. If you have any lingering questions, we recommend sending an email to your senator with “Flag Requests” in the subject line.

Additionally, these notes from our research may be helpful as you navigate your senator’s unique Flag Requests process…

  • Before a flag can be flown over the Capitol Building, it must be purchased from your U.S. Senator
  • Most senators offer the option to pay online directly from their websites, but if you are mailing a check or money order, the amount on the check must cover the complete cost of the flag and be made out to “The Keeper of the Stationery.”
  • Only a United States flag may be flown over the United States Capitol Building.
  • Flags are flown daily — weather permitting — all year long, with the exceptions of Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day, per the Architect of the Capitol.
  • To have the best chance of processing your flag on the date of your request, advanced notice of six to eight weeks is the typical recommendation.
  • Once flown, the constituent may receive the flag of the United States, and a certificate of authenticity from The Architect of the Capitol — suitable for framing — stating that the flag was flown over the Capitol. The certificate may also include the name of the person or organization for whom the flag was flown, the occasion for which it was flown, and the date upon which it was flown.
  • While it varies, flags and certificates are typically shipped three to six weeks after they have been flown.
  • Always contact your senator’s office with any questions regarding your flag request, as they will know the exact procedure as they prefer to follow it.

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