Happy Birthday USAF



Although the US Military purchased its first aircraft in 1909, the United States Air Force was not an individual entity until 1947. World War II proved the power of militarized aircraft and led to a change in the basic organization of US Military Forces. In 1947, President Truman signed the National Security Act, establishing the Air Force as an Independent service, equal to the US Army and US Navy.

On September 18 each year, we celebrate the founding of the United States Air Force.

Flying the Air Force Flag Outdoors

According to the US Flag Code, the order of precedence when flying military flags on an Outdoor Flagpole is as follows: Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard. However, the Coast Guard Flag moves up right behind Navy when the Coast Guard serves as a service of the Department of the Navy during time of war.

When the flags are being flown on multiple Outdoor Flagpoles, the American Flag should always be flown first in line. If you are flying the Air Force Flag on the same pole as your American Flag, it should be of equal size or smaller and flown below the American Flag.

Displaying the Air Force Flag indoors

When displaying Indoor Ceremonial Flags, the order of precedence remains the same as when they are displayed outdoors. The Indoor American Ceremonial Flag is always displayed first in the order. It’s also important to remember that when a Military Ceremonial flag is presented by a color guard, either indoors, during a parade, or on the playing field, a Parade Carry Belt must be worn.

Military Desk Flags and sets are another way to show your support for US Armed Forces. Desk flags are small and versatile; they can be displayed on a podium, a desk, or even a window sill. These small flags can also be waved during a parade or celebration for the US Air Force Birthday.

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