Flag Etiquette: Displaying your company's Logo Flag with the American Flag

Proudly display your company’s brand

You’re proud of your company, and that's as it should be. So . . . let's fly the flag!

Outdoor display flag etiquette

Your company logo flag can be proudly displayed outdoors alongside Old Glory.

To remember: The American Flag must always be the most prominent on display and is never to be flown underneath any other flag.

When displaying on separate poles, the US Flag should always be on the flag’s own right, or from the viewer’s perspective, on the viewer’s left.

When displaying multiple flags on the same pole, the American Flag should always be flown at the top of the flagpole. The American flag should be at least one size larger than all other flags on the pole, but never smaller than the other flags. As with indoor display, the order of flags should be the Outdoor American Flag, State Flag, and then your organization's flag at the bottom.

Indoor display flag etiquette

When displaying indoors alongside other flags, as with outdoor displays, it’s important to make sure that the American Flag is the most prominent on display. This means that if you are hanging your company logo flag on the same wall as an American Flag, the logo flag should be displayed to the right or underneath the US Flag, but never to the left or above the US Flag.

Custom Logo Flags also look great displayed indoors on a Ceremonial Flag Display Set with Stand. When displaying an American Flag, a State Flag, and your company flag, they should be displayed in that order, from the viewer's left to right. The same rule applies when displaying any flag representing an institution, club, church, etc.

Ordering Custom Flags

LIBERTY FLAGS not only offers the highest quality indoor and outdoor American and State Flags—but also takes pride in providing your company or organization with beautiful, high-quality Custom Flags.

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