What is "See You At The Pole™"?

See You At the Pole, with LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

A Gathering at Dawn. . .

Have you ever driven past a school on an early morning, noticed a gathering of students around the American flag in front of the school and wondered what was going on? Chances are, you have happened upon an instance of an event called See You At The Pole™.

See You At The Pole™ is a national observance that has occurred each year on the fourth Wednesday in September since 1990. The 2023 event will take place on September 27. The gatherings usually occur early in the morning, typically around 7 a.m., so as to avoid scheduling conflicts. In addition, planning the event for such an early time ensures that the students who wish to participate may do so.

See You at the Pole event in progress

What is the Event For?

See You At The Pole™ is, at its core, a communal student prayer. However, it is certainly not exclusive to any denomination or religion, as all students are invited and welcome to participate. Students can be given a topic of focus for their silent thought or prayer, such as the well-being of the nation. Many times, student groups may also concentrate on the health and well-being of their school, teachers, community or individuals within their community.

A secondary goal is to invite passersby to ask questions about the open display of patriotism, communal prayer, and warm wishes. It is easy to imagine how this would be successful, with all of this positive prayer, thought, and energy gathered around a single American flag — the landmark in front of a school or building.

Would This Benefit Your Business?

See You At The Pole™ is a student event from inception to conclusion, but there is no reason your business could not host it in the future. To find out more, you can read about See You At The Pole™ here, and find out how to make your business a landmark here.

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