The Rhode Island Regiment

Quick to impress. . .

The First Rhode Island Regment, like many early American regiments, was formed by the colonial government before being taken into the national army. The Rhode Island Assembly approved the formation of the regiment in May of 1775. In a scant two months, the regiment was so impressive at the siege of Boston that it was assigned to a brigade in General George Washington’s Main Army.

The flag of the Rhode Island Regiment was set upon a white field, which corresponds to the uniforms of the Rhode Island troops. In the blue canton, thirteen yellow stars represented the original thirteen colonies and symbolized national unity. Finally, the anchor representation and motto, “HOPE,” are the same symbol and motto used by the government of Rhode Island since 1647 (still used in the Rhode Island State flag today).

The Rhode Island Regiment took an active secondary role in many key battles of the American Revolution. Though they disbanded in 1783, the regimental flag is preserved in the State House at Providence, Rhode Island. Order your replica of the historic Rhode Island Regiment flag.

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