The Light Horse Troop of Philadelphia

Long standing defense. . .

The Light Horse Troop of Philadelphia were formed in 1774 by a group of gentlemen charged with the duty of defending the colonies by the Continental Congress. Because they have been in continuous service from the American Revolution and the War of 1812 all the way to their present-day involvement with the Pennsylvania Army National Guard, The Light Horse Troop of Philadelphia (now the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry) may be the oldest continuously-serving military unit in the nation.

The original flag of the The Light Horse Troop of Philadelphia is still used as the banner of the First Troop Philadelphia City Cavalry unit. It is believed to be the first banner to use thirteen stripes to represent the original thirteen colonies. The stripes, which comprise the canton, are blue and silver. It is also believed that the stripes were painted over what was originally the King’s Colors.

The body of the flag is a field of yellow and consists of four major components. First, the blue shield and thirteen knotted scrolls might be an early expression of the latin ”e pluribus unum.” Next, the head of a bay horse with a star on its forehead serves as the crest, and is flanked by supporters who symbolize liberty and fame. Below the shield and crest, a ribbon is situated with the motto, “for these we strive” imprinted. Finally, a cipher above the crest reads, “L.H.”

The Light Horse Troop of Philadelphia began as a famously helpful troop during the American Revolution and has continued their service to the United States ever since. You can order your replica of the Light Horse Troop of Philadelphia banner here!

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