V.E. Day & The End of World War II

Victory in Europe Day, with LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave®

April 30 Through May 8, the Anniversary of Peace

On April 30, 1945, authorization was delivered for the surrender of Germany to the Allied forces. The surrender was signed in Reims, France on May 7, and in Berlin, Germany on May 8, 1945.

May 8 is commonly accepted as the anniversary of the German surrender on the Western Front.

The German forfeiture resulted in celebrations across the Western Hemisphere. Though the war raged on in the East for several more months, millions of people crowded into streets from Moscow to London to Los Angeles so as to cheer the Allied success in the west.

In the United States, President Harry Truman celebrated his 61st birthday to the tune of victory festivities. Truman remarked that the victory made his birthday especially enjoyable but that he regretted his predecessor, Franklin D. Roosevelt (who died April 12, 1945), had not lived to witness it.

Since 1945, May 8 has continued to be marked as Victory Day in Europe and the United States each year. The same celebrations that erupted in cities from London to New York to Los Angeles or Miami are relived, and the soldiers who sacrificed or risked their lives to deliver the victory are honored by our array of tributes to them.

Victory Day in Europe?

This two-minute video from the History Channel HD provides a brief overview of the Victory Day celebration in 1945.

Honor a World War II Veteran

In September of 2021, the Census Bureau calculated that approximately 240,000 WWII veterans were still living. They estimate that 234 pass away each day, meaning that as of this update, only a scarce number are still here. So if you know a WWII veteran who is still with us, you are among a lucky few.

The simplest gestures often matter most to the people whose sacrifices still make such a huge difference in our world today. If you'd like to present a gift to a service person or family member, LIBERTY FLAGS offers a full array of military flags, ceremonial flags, stick flags & gifts, and memorials.

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