Quick, accurate classroom flag selection

Classroom American flags made easy

Does your child's school display American and State flags in every classroom?

Selecting and purchasing American flags for classrooms seems straightforward, but there are many variables that come into play for different situations. Ultimately, we want a flag that is the right quality and size, and is located in the best position. A few considerations will simplify the purchase and save both time and money.

Location, location, location!

American flags for the classroom are commonly mounted to a wall bracket and flown at a 45 degree angle. In a classroom setting, American flags should always be displayed at the front of the room to the right. If the classroom in questions hosts additional flags, the American flag should be centered and higher. The United States Flag Code or your flag professional can help guide these arrangements.

Height is as important as general placement for the classroom flag. On one hand, optimal height will allow room between the bracket and the ceiling to easily install and remove the flag from the bracket. On the other hand, optimal height accounts for room for teachers and students to pass under, should the flag be near a high traffic area. Therefore, the height that is appropriate for mounting is sometimes a factor in selecting the appropriate flag size.

The right American flag for the job

Selecting the appropriate flag for the classroom means selecting the right size and quality. While flag size will correlate directly with room size and flag placement, quality is often so much more.

LIBERTY FLAGS offers two types of classroom flagsEconomy and Premium. Both are wonderful, utilitarian products that are made in America and offered in the same sizes.

Economy American Classroom Flags are made from a 70/30 blend of polyester and cotton sheeting for a more traditional classroom flag feel, while Premium American Classroom Flags are crafted from brilliantly colorful fine-grade polyester for a more majestic classroom flag ambiance.

In all cases, a flag that lasts as long as possible is the best option. Invariably, that translates to being made in the United States. Many mass produced flags come from outside the United States, which means they don’t follow the same standards of quality that American made flags offer. Remember: where your flag is made is the first step to determining its quality. All of LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® classroom flags are made in the U.S.A.

Looking for American Stick Flags? We sell various sizes of premium quality and economy quality USA stick flags.

Buy with confidence

Picking the right options for your classroom flags is as simple as following this checklist. . .

  • 1. Based on location, what size of flag is appropriate for your classrooms?
  • 2. Based on quality, which flag material is best for your classroom?
  • 3. Does my purchase need to include a wall bracket?

    If you need a flag bracket, it is important to note that the classroom flag bracket will mount to the wall and hold the staff at a 45 degree angle. These brackets are usually sold separately, but LIBERTY FLAGS offers brackets as an add-on to your purchase. You’ll select and purchase the screws separately, based upon the material of the mounting surface.

    If you still have questions, the experts at LIBERTY FLAGS, The American Wave® are here to help.

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